• 30 Dec1
    Sony NEX vs Leica M9

    Sony NEX vs Leica M9

    Luminous Landscape ran several posts on the new, flood-delayed Sony NEX 7 recently. The most interesting for me was a comparison of the 7 vs a Leica M9 using Leica lenses on each body. Unlike the M9, the 7 doesn’t have a full frame sensor. However, even with an APS-C sensor, the same size as […]

  • 6 Sep0

    Topaz Labs Challenges Silver Effects for Black and White Supremacy

    Topaz Labs Releases Topaz B&W Effects Plug-in Check out the press release for Topaz’s new Black and White Plug-in for Photoshop, a different take on black and white conversion. DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Topaz Labs announces the release of Topaz B&W Effects, their new black and white enhancement plug-in for Photoshop. Topaz B&W Effects goes beyond basic conversion […]

  • 28 Sep0

    Greater Resolution with Alpa Shims

    I had heard that aligning a medium format back could improve resolution, but I was unprepared for how much difference it could make. See: http://www.digitalmediumformat.com:88/2010/09/28/alpa-shims-for-greater-resolution/

  • 3 May0

    Vincent Laforet Digital SLR Video Workshop

    Vincent Laforet’s HDSLR live streaming workshop at www.creativelive.com concluded yesterday. (You can purchase a download of the entire seminar at creativelive.) He packs a lot of information into just three days. He covered cameras, the effect of large sensors on video, various methods for stabilizing the camera, how to overcome some of the deficiencies inherent […]

  • 1 May0
    Vincent Laforet Free Streaming Class

    Vincent Laforet Free Streaming Class

    I spent yesterday watching Vincent Laforet explain the basic concepts of shooting video on Canon DSLRs, always with an eye toward ultimate quality. He demonstrated the compromises inherent in beginner equipment vs pro, compared and contrasted HDDSLRs vs Camcorders, defined terms and untangled formats, reviewed camera features, resolution, and set up in an easy to […]