At the end of August I saw a one day window of clear weather on the coast that coincided with low tide near dusk and dawn. I headed toward Point of Arches, a 4 miles hike, 2 through forest in the Makah reservation and 2 down Shi Shi beach in the national park. While I shot some subtle color with a Sony NEX 7, I spent most of my time with the Leica Monochrom. The low noise, resolution, and tonal qualities it delivers are addictive, surpassing any DSLR in my experience in a tiny albeit expensive package. I took the last camp on the beach and shot dusk and dawn without company although I could see camps the full length of the beach. The shapes of the islets and monoliths, the leading lines of strata tilted vertically, and a scrim of cloud offered opportunities for a variety of compositions. I’ve lived in Washington for more than three decades and this was my first trip to Shi Shi but not my last.