Although I had shot a ladyboy cabaret show on Koh Samui years ago, when Madhvee told me she had secured permission to photograph at the Playhouse in the Asia Hotel in Bangkok. I jumped at the chance.  The performers on Samui gave it their all, but the production values demanded that the audience see past some cheesy propos and costumes. Not here.

We were escorted backstage before the performance as the dancers worked on their makeup and fussed with costumes. We were seated in the front row. The performance was well lit, choreographed, and performed. Unlike Samui, the dancers were not all transgenders. In fact, transvestites and gays predominated, but the ladyboys stole the show.

Shooting manual was out of the question. The lights changed in intensity and color by the moment as the dancers swept around the stage. I let the 5DIII do the thinking, setting it to auto focus, white balance, and ISO at shutter priority.