Image shot at 6AM with Leica Monocrom

It’s a pleasure to be back in Bangkok. I can disregard the noise and heat, resign myself to dodging motorcycle taxis on the sidewalks, ignore the numberless touts and deal with the sclerotic traffic. That fades into the background.

Bangkok is stoic and epicurean.  Graft and floods are counterbalanced by a constant parade of beautiful women, or probably women, and cheap street food that puts some of the best restaurants in America to shame. An old lady will whip up a fiery som tom (green papaya salad) with a dozen ingredients flung in a mortar and smashed together in a minute before pouring it into a plastic bag. Seventy-five cents, kap khun ka.  A simple drunken noodle dish may attract people from all over the city.

The city is evolving.  Carts and stands have been banished from some streets but suddenly impromptu bars began to appear on Sukhumvit, plastic tables and chairs with a bar tender in a modified van serving customers unwilling to give up the night after the bars close. Some remain until daylight when the bars tear down and the merchants selling fake Rollexs, t-shirts, and knick knacks return.