• 30 Dec1
    Sony NEX vs Leica M9

    Sony NEX vs Leica M9

    Luminous Landscape ran several posts on the new, flood-delayed Sony NEX 7 recently. The most interesting for me was a comparison of the 7 vs a Leica M9 using Leica lenses on each body. Unlike the M9, the 7 doesn’t have a full frame sensor. However, even with an APS-C sensor, the same size as […]

  • 23 Dec0
    Sao Praphet Song: The Second Kind of Woman

    Sao Praphet Song: The Second Kind of Woman

      I had some time in Bangkok to work on my book on Thai transsexuals. I encountered Dia, an outgoing bar girl and occasional model who agreed to let me shoot her near her home. I wanted to get some shots of her without makeup or any preparation, but she insisted on a tight dress […]

  • 22 Dec0

    Christmas in Bangkok

    The Thais have embraced the glitter of Christmas, strewing lights everywhere, blasting carols in malls, coffee shops, and out into the street. I find it much more joyful and festive than the commerce driven frenzy I see in the States were grim shoppers check off obligatory gift lists.

  • 21 Dec0
    Tamil Temples in Sri Lanka

    Tamil Temples in Sri Lanka

      Although predominately Buddhist, Sri Lanka has a vibrant Hindu minority, Tamils from southern India. Concentrated in the north and east, they are found throughout the island, including the capital city. Each Tamil temple features a small subset of the millions of gods in the Hindu pantheon represented on the exterior and within its walls. […]

  • 20 Dec0

    The Veddas, Sri Lanka’s Aboriginals

    The Veddas lived in the forest when the Sinhalese arrive centuries ago. Until recently, they wore leaves and pursued a subsistence existence. Vedda kings figure in early stories of the island, playing the role of savages in contrast to the enlightened Buddhist rulers. We spent a day traveling to visit one of the small remaining […]

  • 17 Dec0

    Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

    Beginning in the 4th Century BC, Anuradhapura was the center of the Sri Lankan empire, continuing until the 11th Century, one of the most durable of Asian empires. Today, the surviving foundations define the plan, a city of monasteries and stupas aligned regulary thoughout a forest. The scale takes a while to grasp. Imagine Angkor […]

  • 16 Dec0

    Sigiriya Frescoes, Sri Lanka

    I hadn’t returned to Sigiriya in more than a decade. The volcanic plug served as a redoubt, the site of a Sri Lankan king trying to survive a war with his brother 1500 years ago. He maintained a bevy of beauties at his fortress and immortalized them in 500 frescoes on the walls and within […]

  • 9 Dec1

    Colombo, Sri Lanka Vegetable Market

    On the first day of the Joseph Van Os Photo Safari in Sri Lanka, our group wandered through the vegetable market. It was unlike any other I’ve visited. The people were enthusiastic, delighted to be photographed. We were an event. The market moves out of town next year, but I expect to receive the same […]

  • 3 Dec0

    Burma Slide Show, Part 2

    Here are more images from my photo tour of Burma, shot at Schwedagon in Yangon, Mingun near Mandalay, and Bagan.

  • 2 Dec0

    Beng Mealea, Photography in Cambodia

    With the rising popularity of Angkor Wat and surrounding temples over the last decade (from about 10,000 a year to over 10,000,000), the authorities built wooden walkways, one way routes, roped off areas, and steel reinforcement to protect the site. This is understandable, but some of the most beautiful images are ruined, both by the […]