• 25 Dec0
    Cartier-Bresson at MOMA SF

    Cartier-Bresson at MOMA SF

    I thought I knew the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson. He was a co-founder of the Magnum agency, the first western journalist invited to cover the Great Leap Forward in communist China, shot Gandhi’s funeral pyre from the podium, coined the term- and lived for- The Decisive Moment, and traveled the globe with a miniscule kit […]

  • 22 Dec0

    Stephenson on Productivity

    Neil Stephenson wrote wisely regarding productivity in his essay, The Bad Correspondent: “Writing novels is hard, and requires vast, unbroken slabs of time. Four quiet hours is a resource that I can put to good use. Two slabs of time, each two hours long, might add up to the same four hours, but are not […]