• 29 Sep0

    Phase One Upgrade Offer

    Phase One is offering up to 90% trade ins for upgrades. Read the press release at: http://www.digitalmediumformat.com:88/2010/09/29/major-trade-in-offer-from-phase-one/

  • 28 Sep0

    Greater Resolution with Alpa Shims

    I had heard that aligning a medium format back could improve resolution, but I was unprepared for how much difference it could make. See: http://www.digitalmediumformat.com:88/2010/09/28/alpa-shims-for-greater-resolution/

  • 22 Sep0
    Burma/Cambodia Medium Format Trip Moved to November

    Burma/Cambodia Medium Format Trip Moved to November

    Joseph Van Os Photosafaris and I decided to move the Burma/Cambodia trip to November, 2011. Delays setting up the trip meant we had little time to promote and fill it. Plus, November can be greener and cooler, both pluses. We are started to get signups so I’m sure this one will fill soon.